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This was a collaborative project done with Max Pace in Unity Engine. This is a SpaceShooter but set in the ocean, where the player controls a boat with threats coming both from above and beneath. The water level can lower and rise which affects the types of enemies that spawn in the game. The player controls two different weapons, a cannon which only shoots straight down and a turret which shoots at the player's mouse location but the bullets cannot go underwater. The goal is to simply get a high score and not die. Beware of the sharks, jellyfish and other creatures coming your way

In this project Max worked on creating all the visual assets in the game, both 3D and 2D. I worked on the programming, going from the player control, to enemies and dynamic water


Player Abilities

The player controls the boat, he can go left and right and controls two different weapons, a cannon and a turret. The cannon can only shoot straight down. The turret can can shoot in the direction of the mouse position on the screen. The turret cannot shoot underwater, it will stop very early in the water, letting it still hit jellyfish or sharks at the surface. Both these weapons can be upgraded by shooting one of the bonuses that will randomly appear in the game.


Most upgrades share the same traits as others

The "D" upgrade will change the weapons from single shot to double shot fire. It is faster then the normal weapon and deals more damage.

The "S" upgrade stands for spread, it shoots bullets in a shotgun like manner, each bullet does the same amount of damage as the normal weapons, but there is more! shooting up close will help.

The "L" is the laser attack. The Turret will shoot out a beam that will traverse the screen similar to a bullet, but slower and does damage as long as an enemy is still overlapping the laser. Deals a lot of damage! The cannon laser will stay attached to the actual cannon, dealing damage over time as long as enemies are overlapping the laser as well, different behavior, but same result.

The "T" stands for Torpedo, it is a Cannon specific weapon, it shoots a torpedo that on impact creates a large explosion, destroying everything around. Massive amount of damage can be dealt that way

The "H" stands for Harpoon, it is a Turret specific weapon which behaves very similarly to the turrets laser but faster. It is the only weapon that the turret can actually shoot underwater!


Cannon Upgrade


Turret Upgrade





The Shark is one of the most classic enemies of the game. His behavior is simply, he comes from beneath to the surface, swims and bites anything in front of him and then swims back down

Mecha Shark:

The mecha shark is very similar to the shark, he comes from beneath to attack, exept instead of swimming at the surface he dives out of the water to then immediately go back down, his attack is harder to anticipate then the shark



The jellyfish is the most common enemy in the game. It drifts to the surface very slowly, it has no way of attacking, when close enough to the surface the jellyfish will simply rush the boat to damage the player, it dies on impact. It has very low health 


Killer Jellyfish:

The killer jellyfish follows the same basic behavior structure as a normal jellyfish. The only real difference is that is faster and it can shoot projectile at the player, making it a larger threat that needs to be dealt with. They only show up after the player has lasted in the game long enough

Mega Jellyfish:

The mega jellyfish follows the exact same behavior as the normal jellyfish. It is even slower then the normal jellyfish, it is also much larger and has much more health. They protect their surroundings by using their large size


Bomber Bird:

The bomber bird will fly over the boat in the sky. If the water level is low they will tend to spawn much much more. The bird will simply go from one side of the screen to the other, but it won't forget to drop a baby bomb on the way (Poor delivery). The bomb will fall in the water and then float back to the surface until it detonates. It is possible to shoot the bomb from the birds beak and instantly killing it before it does any damage


Water Bomb:

This bomb is held by a chain. It will stay underwater until the chain breaks. When the chain breaks the bomb will float back to the surface which can create a large explosion that the player may not survive. At any time the player can decide to shoot one of these bombs which can actually damage the enemies around, use it wisely!

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