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Tagline is an fast paced graffiti based shooter set in a futuristic cityscape. The game is a hub and spoke in which the player starts in a train station and can access various sections of the city. The player can take on various challenges including clearing waves of enemies, races, street basketball matches and more.

This project is officially released on steam, it is made in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints. I work in collaboration with Alex Shammas who is the art lead. Alex handles game art, environment design, and sounds for the game. I am in charge of programming the player character and abilities, AI, UI, sound, and particles. I also implement all of the art that Alex creates into UE4 and created my own animation machine in order to implement the 2D sprite sheets.

Player Abilities

The player will always start with white hands and their only ability will be pushing enemies around. It is possible to grab the colors from the graffiti scattered around the map in order to get much stronger abilities. Because the player has two arms the game offers very various amounts of weapon combos and play styles


Blue Attack:

The blue hand shoots a projectile in front of the player. It will then spawn a jumpad where ever the projectile lands. Stepping on the pad will launch enemies up in the air and cast damage over time to the enemies. It can also be used to throw the player in the air. The jumpad will be launch you in the angle of the surface it is on (Up when in the air, sideways if the pad is on a wall) 


Pink Attack:

The pink hand is a railgun that is high precision and does a lot of damage to enemies. If the player shoots the enemy in the head that enemy will then be stunned for a set amount of time. The attack can be held which will charge up the attack in order to deal much more damage and stun enemies for longer periods of time. The attack can also pierce through enemies letting the player attack multiple enemies at once 


Basket Ball:

Throughout the maps the player can also find basketballs. Those balls are used in a different game mode which an NPC can offer in which the player must score as many points as they can by shooting the ball through hoops. Grabbing the ball will remove any current color from the arm used. The ball can be found around the map and can be thrown at enemies for small amount of damage and knockback



Red Attack:

The red hand can be shot and hell, similar to an SMG in common shooters. When the shots land on an enemy the enemy starts turning red himself. If an enemy dies in that red state he explodes, creating damage, knockback, and casting more red onto other enemies (Also knocks player back)

Similarly to enemies red attacks will also cast onto destructibles around the map (Such as glass or trash cans) which can also create an explosion 


Yellow Attack:

The yellow hand acts as a shotgun in standard shooters. It does a massive amount of damage up close, has a large spread radius but does not shoot very far. If the ability is used in the air then the player will be knocked back in the opposite direction. It can be very usefull for movement as it can provide a second jump


Green Attack:

The green hand serves the purpose of a shield when being held. Holding the shield decreases the players acceleration but it increases it's top speed making the player faster than ever. If the shield is held it will reduce incoming damage and if the player hits an enemy in that state damage and knockback can be applied depending on the player's speed. If the player is going fast enough or stays in the air long enough a green HUD shows up meaning the player can now perform a slam attack on the floor which does massive amounts of damage in an area of effect 




The A.V.A.F stand for Anti Vandalism Attack Force, they are the enemies of the game. They lurk in the cities and will attack any vandal that creates or uses the power of the graffiti (Such as the player, whom uses the abilities from the graffiti) There are several types of A.V.A.F soldiers that the player can face

Melee Grunt

The melee grunt is one of the fastest enemies in the game. He will always run straight for the player and attempts to combo multiple punches in. He is the most standard enemy in the game and can easily be defeated

Melee Elite

The melee elite is one of the fastest enemies in the game. He will always run straight for the player and attempts to combo multiple punches in. He also has a very strong uppercut move that launches the player in the air and deals lots of damage. He also has a ground pound attack in which he starts stomping the ground with his fists to create an Area of Effect move that deals damage if the player is too close

Ranged Grunt

The ranged grunt is one of the most common enemies in the game with the melee grunt. This enemy stays at a safe distance and shoots projectiles at the player. If he is too close he will then start strafing left or right in order to dodge incoming attacks

Ranged Elite

The ranged elite stays at a safe distance and shoots multiple projectiles at the player at once. If he is too close he will then start strafing left or right in order to dodge incoming attacks. The ranged elite also has a white grenade that deals a lot of damage if the player is hit and will also completely remove all of the players powers. The player would be back at two white hands and will now need to find new colors from the graffiti  

Passive NPCs

There are several other NPCs in the game. Many of them can be found in the cities and will give out different types of objectives such as boss fights, clearing waves of enemies or even playing street basketball, all in order to gain Street Cred and advance in the game. There are several special type of NPCs such as the Endless NPC which will launch in a fight against the A.V.A.F until you lose for a High Score, or the Trade where the player can spend his Street Cred to power up his attacks and access new cities


Model Sheets

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