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Flower Trip is a 2022 Game Jam Project. This game was completed in 3 days with a team of 4. I programmed and design the game and worked with 3 artist. Alex Shammas who handled the UI, sound, animation and concept art for the game. Michael Marangoni and Max Pace both handled 3D modeling and texturing, as well as environment design and lighting.

This was a great challenge that helped strengthen each of our our collaborative skills. The goal was to craft a full experience we could feel proud of in the time constraint. We set out to make an infinite game loop with a high score system, in which the player survives as long as they can. We managed to get some fun power ups and enemy types as well as a surreal art style and experience. You can play it for free on



Daydreamer was the first VR project that I worked on in Unreal Engine. This was a short 2 week project in which Stephanie and I had a lot of ideas but needed to narrow them down to impactful concepts. I used an Oculus Rift S (the project can also run on a Oculus Quest) for this project, I kept teleportation as the mode of movement because I wanted to focus mainly on the interactions the game had to offer. 

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